Café Lali is about more than a delicious blend of coffee 
(though we're sure you'll agree the coffee is scrumptious!).

Café Lali is about blending and keeping alive cherished memories from my travels around the globe.   

For over a decade I've been hopping around, sipping coffees in Taiwanese alleyways, enjoying "kawai" foam designs in Japan, and grooving to beats in trendy Australian cafe shops. 

As I come home to Montréal, my aim is to plant "the dream." I've challenged myself to create the common ground. That place that makes you feel like you've come home, no matter where you're from or where you're going. 

That place that reminds us that 
no border can limit us when we are fuelled by passion, courage, 
and just the perfect amount of caffein! 

Though I've jumped high, it's time to land. 

And I couldn't imagine a better place to rest my travelling feet! 
So come lean an elbow on my counter, share your stories with me and the new family that waits for you at Café Lali.


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​Phone: +1 438-351-4141 


Monday - Friday : 7am - 4pm

Saturday - Sunday : 9am - 4pm

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